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As you might imagine, having the recycled soda pop bottle fabric available, cause one to think of all sorts of uses. Shower Curtains and Draperies were a no brainer. Even a marginally educated, Norwegian boy, given enough time and scratch paper could come up with that. On a special order basis, virtually any of my images can be printed onto the fabric and used. In a few, rare instances, I've sold the copyrights to some of my images, and  in other cases, I've made commitments not to use them on printed objects. Aside from those instances, all my images are available. Keep in mind that proportions may dictate what the final image will look like in print. As an example, a horizontal painting, printed onto a shower curtain, will have to be cropped  in order to fit properly. If you see an image, and it doesn't quite match your wall, my advice, quite seriously is, to paint your wall. But, wait until you have the curtain in hand, so that you can match the paint to it. In most cases, there is enough variance in the colors, so that, one of the colors, in the print will match. 
Shower Curtains and Draperies
Draperies can vary in style and in design. In this case, each panel is printed as a full image of a painting. Or, half the painting can be printed on each panel. The largest we can print in one direction is 60" total fabric . Hems take about and inch. Pictured are essentially 2 - 5'x6' panels, to cover and 8 ft. wide by 5ft. high window. text.
Here are 2 different shower curtains, that are about 4'wide by 6' high. they are for the "stand'up" showers. 
Below, is a bath tub/shower curtain. It is printed at about 5'high, and 6' wide. Then, a 1' panel is added to the top, so the whole panel is about 6'x6', enough to fill an opening about 5' wide (normal tub length) and about 51/2' high. The added panel can be either a solid color, or a white, mesh panel, that let's light in. I always recommend a  plastic curtain on the water side of these, even though the fabric is  recycled pop bottles.