r.graves watercolors

#1 "French Village"
#2 "Grapes and Leaves"
#3 "Houses"
#4 Overview of New Ulm, MN   So far, all my scarves are repeated patterns, except this one. It was a long, narrow painting, so it's one scene.
#5 "Bouquet of Blue" One o my all time favorite and best designs. Smashing colors!
#6 "Fans in the Stands"  Minnesota Gopher Fans, maybe?
#7 "Kids Playing"  I was taken to task by not having anything with kids in it. Here it is. Bright colors, and kids, playing, talking, hanging out. Great for Teachers.
#8 "Jazzmen"   My youngest son died in 2004. He was a professional Jazz Pianist at the age of 22. That's him at the piano, with a full tip jar, and all his friends. 
This picture repeated 
Scarves are printed on a fabric called Tapaii Silk, and are washable and may be ironed. Price: $50