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Monday, December 12th, 2012: A somewhat overcast day in Minnesota, yet, relatively warm, especially for this time o the year. I'm spending most of my time indoors, recuperating from my surgery,  last week. I had a total hip replacement done last Tuesday, and am up an about, healing well, and trying to learn how to walk correctly. I'm afraid I developed some pretty bad habits, during the years of pain and discomfort. It's easy to compensate in ones gait, as there are plenty of muscles, just waiting to jump in and be a part of the action. It hurt to stride, so I was down to some pretty cute little steps and had to go pretty quickly to make up for the stride. 
As a result of the surgery, I've not been painting that last several weeks. I'm looking forward to getting back into it. Have a lot of subjects that I want to address. 
I do have some paintings, many of the new ones, hanging in a brand new gallery in Minneapolis. The venue is called, "Ambiente".Located at 505 1st Ave. NE, it houses both the gallery, and the "Art of Chiroprachty" business. Owned and operated by Dr. Kari Boudreau, the business  was formerly located at the corner of 2nd Ave NE and 13th St. Certainly it's worth stopping in to see all the beautiful paintings, but, just to see the space, and how the architect is able to allow for the multi-use is amazing. You won't want to miss it. My friends from Banner Creation were involved in the creation of the space as well. Trust me, you'll see this written up in journals, for years to come. 
Here it is the 23rd of April, 2013. I'm in New Mexico, spending time with my kids. My daughter and granddaughter are here from Philadelphia, and this weekend my son in law Bob will join us. My other daugther, with her new baby, and husband live here, and my son, and his wonderful girl friend live in Albuquerque. So, weve been here for about six weeks, and I'm planning on going back to Minnesota next week. Mary will stay until the first week of June, helping Emily with Lila. 
I've spent a lot of time photographing, painting, and drawing. Generally, I do a quick sketch and then paint, but the past week, I've just been puting my thoughts on watercolor paper, and so, I now have about a dozen small works all drawn, ready for paint. i'll have a paint fest one of these days. 
One of the things I'm starting to work on is some paintings for the all school reunion that will be held in our old home town, Cyrus, MN, on the weekend of June 8th and 9th of this year. That involves a lot of reminiscing, and painting from memory. I do have some photos of the town the way it was in the 60's, when I was there. In some cases, things have changed, and I just have to quess at what they used to look like. I've asked for photos from a number of sources, and my concern isn't that I'll get something wrong without photos, but that someone will be able to prove my memory is flawed, by producing a photo after the fact. 
So now, back to work.... be in touch.

September 19, 2014. Just a quick note. I'm in Albuquerque, spending time getting to know my newest grandchild, Pablo Andres. Cute little bugger and his mom and dad are really troupers. While here, I'm spending some time painting, as well as photographing for future work. The weather is lovely as are the sights. Since we have 2 grandchildren here now, I suspect it will become familiar to us.