r.graves watercolors

Hello, and welcome to my website. I've put together a collection of watercolor paintings for you to enjoy while you're here. I paint a broad range of subjects, so if you don't see what you're looking for, e mail  and ask. It just might be the next painting on the easel. 
​In addition to original watercolors, I have giclee prints of a very limited number of images availab le for purchase. If you like your art to be more interactive, check out the other fun and useful items that bear my images. I have aprons, tote bags, table runners, shower curtains, draperies, scarves, ceramic tiles, and cutting boards. All of these are printed and produced locally, and most are on a fabric made of recycled soda pop bottles. 
Be sure to visit my news page, "Table of Periodic Thoughts" too. It's where I expound on just about any topic that strikes my fancy, so you never know what gems of wisdom you will find there. 

July 23, 2015: Enjoying a wonderful time in Rome Italy. Not Rome Georgia like my good buddy Wally G. thought. Wally"s one of the ol' boys from Gator Swamp Kentucky or Tennessee, or wherever the heck it is. He thinks art is finding the face of your aunt in a dried cowpie, and modern art is what you see when a bug splats on your windshield. Bless his soul. 
Anyway, the month of July is set aside for Italy and Croatia, then on to the Greek Islands, and then the rest of August in France. After my son's wedding in September to the beautiful and glorious Oriana, I've requested painting time for the rest of the Autumn and Winter. Expect the "Finest of Europe" by the Spring of 2016, from the World"s Greatest Watercolorist."