r.graves watercolors

Hello, and welcome to my website. I've put together a collection of watercolor paintings for you to enjoy while you're here. I paint a broad range of subjects, so if you don't see what you're looking for, e mail  and ask. It just might be the next painting on the easel. 
​At this point, I'm no longer printing any of my images, but I do still have quite a number of tote bags, some tiles and cutting boards, a few shower curtains, and a few lampshades and covers. If you're interested, just send me a note and we can try to find something that suits you. 
Im what judges call "Senior Status". Sort of retired, but still have my fingers in the pot. I still love to paint, and as we've relocated, I've new subject matter to entice me. I'm going to take time to load a whole bunch of new work, so be sure to take time to peruse.
Be sure to visit my news page, "Table of Periodic Thoughts" too. It's where I expound on just about any topic that strikes my fancy, so you never know what gems of wisdom you will find there. 

Fall, 2017Now spending most of my time at our home in New Mexico. Most of the time it's dry, a lot of the time it's sunny except when it's not, and at night. It's really a beautiful place to be able to live. We didn't choose it randomly however. We were willing to continue living in the coldest state in the union, Minnesota, buried half the year in snow, and sharing space the other half with humidity and mosquitos. That's just fine. As Norwegian Lutherans, we know we don't deserve any better than that. Our ancestors could handle it, and by golly, so could we. But, alas, none of our children stayed in the state, so to be close to them and our grandchildren, we swallowed our pride and followed them to the wonderful south. Ahhhhh!